Using Creative Finance to Motivate and HELP Today’s HomeBuyer

Joe Wiggins

Published 2 months ago


Higher interest rates are definitely impacting your buyers' qualifications if you have not noticed. The higher rates are also beginning the "price drops " trend, which sellers try to use to create more activity and affordability for buyers. In this market especially, Buyers and Sellers BOTH want to walk away knowing they got a great deal, and that's exactly what this permanent rate buydown strategy accomplishes. It will help you earn more appreciative clients, as you serve them best.

Most sellers and many listing agents don't know or can't show the actual numbers on how price versus buydown actually impacts buyers. This inability to show the numbers and knowledge of how dropping the rates has a more significant impact on a buyer's payment than lowering a sales price could ever have is creating situations where buyers and sellers COULD HAVE gotten better deals and put themselves in better financial positions. Honestly when both parties understand this concept, it's extremely rewarding and we have a system to educate them / bring them up to speed quickly, so it doesn't create lag or any difficulties for you explaining, etc.

The biggest advantage I think 2022 Buyers have are: 1. Way less competition on offers, 2. Sellers (and Listing Agents) are way more willing to work with you., 3. Sellers are paying costs again, which allows for the creative financing strategies included in this presentation page!

Price vs. Rate -
Did you know that a PRICE DROP of 30k has the same benefits as a 10k SBD to a buyer's payment? So, if that is the case, then we can leave 20k on the seller's net sheet vs. taking 30k off of it to address affordability issues with buyers. In addition, the buydowns that help buyers the most are so deep that they could not do it any other way other than with the seller's help. It's truly a win-win.

Permanent Seller Buy Down Offer Strategy -
I wanted to show you how a permanent Seller Buydown works in the real world and how both the Buyer & Seller can benefit. Real World examples (analysis with video explanations) for different sales prices are linked up here in this presentation.

Temporary Buydown Strategy - this is another great tool to get your Buyer an amazing deal in a rising rate environment. The benefits of lower rate payments for the first two years of the loan with the peace of mind of knowing exactly what your long term rate looks like if rates don't drop lower here for a refinance in the next 12-24 months!

Motivating Buyers:
This is just an incredible tool to get a great deal for a Buyer, and such an awesome way to develop an actual strategy that works to get them a payment that's HUNDREDS of dollars lower than it would have been if they had worked with another Agent unwilling to take the time to explain. To feel comfortable WITH a deal we have to feel like we ARE GETTING a great deal. This definitely achieves that goal. This strategy, if nothing else, creates extreme gratitude, loyalty, and referrals from happy clients.

Marketing Your Property:
Now that you understand how powerful a tool it is to reduce rate vs. price with the Seller Buy Down, then let's market your property with a custom Permanent Seller Buydown Video from me so that we can spread and help affordability to all buyers. In addition, isn't this a better conversation to have instead of a price drop discussion? Also, how cool would it be to share this strategy at a listing appointment? We can help with all of that by arming you with a video that is specific to your seller or potential seller - our Partners who are using this now absolutely love it.

As always, I'm here to help however I can. I love working with home buyers and am confident that my organizational and operational structure as a local mortgage brokerage gives everyone who works with me an outrageous competetive advantage. This link is shareable so if you know of anyone who needs to check this out please forward it to them. Let me know how I can help!

Recent Reviews

"Joe and his team are absolutely incredible. This was my first refinance and Joe made it easy and stress free. Joe was informative, accommodating and extremely thorough. To start the whole process he created a presentation that broke down everything and then explained exactly what I was looking at. He insured that I was informed throughout the process and knew exactly what was going on at any given time. He was also easily accessible to ask any questions that popped up and if he wasn't available at that time he was quick to get back to me. I absolutely recommend Joe and will be sending all of my family and friends to him!"
– Stevenlienx11c .


"We can't say enough positive things about Joe and his team. They worked to close our sale in what felt like record time. The school year had started for us and the new owners were expecting a baby and his whole team worked miracles really to get us out of the old house and into the new house in just one month. Amazing! Thanks, Joe!"
– Jody Orrison .


"Joe Wiggins is very personable and professional. I can't say enough regarding Joe's commnication with me throughout the loan process. Most importantly, Joe put me in the RIGHT loan. I was approved by a different lender who was trying to put me in a bad loan. Joe broke down all three options into a easy to read spreadsheet, and clearly explained each option to me. Gave me time to understand my options, answered everyone of my questions and the rest is history. Joe Wiggins and his team treated me like family and I truly appreciate their kindness. He's the best!!"


"During what can be a stressful time of home buying, Joe Wiggins was always available to answer any questions and to take some on the stress away. Even after the sale he was there to help both my banking needs."


"Joe got my daughter's and I into our forever home and we will be forever grateful!!! This was the first time buying a home on my own and he was there for me every step of the way. Always got back to me right away with any questions I had and still to this day, a year since I have bought my home, I know that he is still there for me! I highly recommend Joe to ANYONE in need of his services."


"I would definitely recommend Joe Wiggins to my family members and friends. He not only goes out of his way to help you in what ever he can in business hours but trys his best to help you in any way possible on weekends and while he's on vacation. You definitely want someone like Joe on your team!"


"Our experience with Mr. Wiggins and his staff was excellent. No complications along the way, no unexpected surprises. The entire experience was stress free."


"He is always professional and detailed on his information Joe keeped us up to date on the process of our loan. It closed n time and we would highly recommend him"


"Joe was very helpful with the entire process of buying a house using VA. He was always there, either via phone, text, or email to answer any questions. Highly recommended!!"


"Joe and his team were great. He's my first call, and has been, for years. He's supported my primary and investment properties. The last refi should hold me for a while never know what the market will bring."


$750k Listing: Price Drop vs SBD

$1.5 Million Dollar Listing: Price Drop vs SBD

600k Listing: Price Drop vs SBD

$580k Listing (FHA LOAN): Price Drop vs SBD

Temporary Buydown Strategy - $580k Price

Deeper Dive into how a Temporary (2/1) Rate Buydown Works

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